Go Karting

What a fantastic day we had at the Jomtien Go Karting park. The cars traveled faster than any kart I had driven in England. Infact it took me 5 minutes or more just to get a feel for the car and the speed it travelled. There was much more speed in the Kart than my foot was prepared to ask for. One of my friends lapped me three times within 15 minutes. It seems he had heaver feet.

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Go Karting In Pattaya Go Karting In Pattaya Go Karting In Pattaya Go Karting In Pattaya


The track The track has sharp corners, wide corners, corners that will make you spin the Kart (I did twice). Straights to pick up speed.

Racing It is impossible to have a race from the stop position as the cars need to be pushed by Kart Starter to get moving, The force of the Kart starter had me gripping on to the wheel with white knuckles. Within 5 minutes or so, I had lost some of the speed fear.

Thailand has more relaxed rules regarding  issues concerning safety than those of Europe, this is very apparent on the Go Karting track. I don’t know if the UK is to restrictive or if Thailand lax, but these karts travelled and travelled fast. I thought at times I reached 50-60 mph. Being in such a small open vehicle with no harness and so low to the ground, my adrenalin really raced through my viens.


Refreshments There is a refreshment area serving drinks and snacks. After the race you will be ready for a cold drink. We all got out of the cars sweating and tense from the pure thrills we enjoyed on the track.

Cost and Location

100cc car 500 Baht
80cc car 300 Baht

Location Go Karting is located on the Tepprasit Road Jomtien. Heading from Thrappraya road towards Suckumviet high way, the track is located on the left hand side 1.5 km.